Download Your 5 Weight Loss Activations:

These are audio tracks with activated energy. You just put your headphones on, kick back, and relax. They do all the work for you by removing the deep subconscious blocks that have prevented your body from releasing the extra pounds. 

This will literally add ROCKET FUEL to your weight loss journey.

Armed with this secret sauce and 100% clarity on what steps to take for your unique body type, your success is almost guaranteed.


Is food addiction causing your weight struggles? At the root of all addictions is anxiety, nervousness, panic, stress, unsafeness, clamour, trauma and a sense of calamity that the addiction helps us avoid, calm, reassure, soothe, manage and reduce, even if only for a short time. Not to mention that most addictions are also a source of pleasure, even happiness. With food this gets compounded further because food is at the basis of all family get-togethers and celebrations. And so with food, we are able to re-create an illusion of safety, togetherness, rewards, connections and pleasures in the absence of  loving, kind relationships.

This MP3 is designed to give you anxiety relief using the world's fastest manifestation tool! When you are able to calm down the addiction, you will find yourself reaching out for food less often and shift to healthier snacks will become natural.


Energize your metabolism with the highest frequency of life force energy to accelerate natural fat burning and awaken more energy flow for optimum energy production.

When you listen you will receive nourishment and healing for your complete energy and physical body.


Accelerating Weight loss: Starvation Mode to Nurturing and Balancing

Limiting beliefs, emotions, thoughts, feelings, toxins and lifetimes of pain has created an imbalance in the systems of the body. I will take you on a journey to  rebalancing your body inside and out where you will feel the weight falling off. In addition, My Guides and I will bring through a powerful frequency with the greatest amount of prana through each and every cell of your body to restore more joy as you let go of the cords of the past that have weighed you down allowing you to nurture your soul in the deepest possible way.


Stop thinking about weight and fall in love with your body! This guided mediation and energy activation allows you to tap into the beautiful energy of loving your body. Feel the inspiration and motivation swirl inside as the energy finely tunes to your perfect frequency.

Release stress and anxiety as your adrenals heal and your energy returns. See, feel and know “I Own a Beautiful Body”.


Soul language activation for perfect health and body restoration. 

Set your intention before listening. It is an angelic activation to balance your energies and achieve perfect health and well-being.

Listen to it as many times in a day. You can do before or after a chakra movement exercise. Be open to receiving and allow the energy to penetrate in your energetic field.

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