Day 4 Speakers

Masterclasses Over

Oonagh Duncan

Jeremiah Jimerson

Nykki Hardin 

Dr. RitaMarie Loscalzo

    Laura Weiner-              Kiser

Nidhu Kapoor

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Masterclass 1

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Learn a strategy for Getting into killer shape - no matter how old you are (even if you don’t have time for complicated meal planning and long workouts).
  • Bust through all the confusion and realize that only ONE habit really matters (<- This alone is seriously worth showing up for)
  • Understand how to make your healthy lifestyle so easy that you don't even realize you're doing it (pssttt... And it's totally not your fault if you've had trouble "being good" with your workouts and nutrition in the past)

Masterclass 2

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Learn how to Teach Your Fat to Burn Fat!
  • Discover the Importance of Sleep and it’s connection to weight loss.
  • Understand the impact of de stressing and sunlight on your weight loss goals

Masterclass 3

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Lose stubborn weight so you feel good in your body and actually want to get dressed in the morning.
  • Shed limiting beliefs and negative self-talk so that you feel safe in your skin and put yourself first to accomplish your goals.
  • Identify the areas in your life you are weighing yourself down and how that connects to your relationship to food.

Masterclass 4

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Use food to gain the ideal balance of hormones that control fat burning and appetite
  • Discover habits that trigger fat burning and improvement of lean muscle mass, even while you sleep
  • Move your body in ways that trigger fat burning without spending hours at the gym

Masterclass 5

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Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Discover how to use food only as fuel
  • Learn how to build a balanced lifestyle to nurture all your body needs
  • Understand how to decode your body to nourish all your hunger signals (for example: a hunger for rest, or fun, or play)

Masterclass 6

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Reduce food cravings naturally and with ease
  • Increase your energy and motivation
  • Gain inspiration to take action that supports weight loss

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