Day 1 Speakers

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dipa Chauhan

Dr. Liana Rodriguez

Tom Broadwell

Dr. Deb Matthew

Dawn Crystal

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Masterclass 1

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Learn the low-down on hormones: what are they, how do they influence our health, and how do they change as we age?
  • Discover the process of the brain using glucose for fuel is a very estrogen dependent process. As estrogen decreases as we age, this is not ideal. Ketones are better served as fuel here.
  • What role does gut health play on our ability to manage stress and inflammation?

Masterclass 2

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Discover tips and tools for safe, rapid and permanent weight loss
  • Learn what you can start doing now to look and feel the best you’ve ever felt
  • Learn the role confidence and self love have on your weight loss results

Masterclass 3

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Discover the EXACT skills you need to lose weight & jumpstart metabolism
  • Learn what is need to maintain weight loss
  • Understand the connection between inflammation and weight

Masterclass 4

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Why diets do not work in the long-term & what you need to do to lose weight permanently.
  • How to prevent 90-99% of disease including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis & cancer.
  • How weight loss can be done naturally & easily without the need for hardcore exercise, extreme diet plans & even superhuman levels of will power…

Masterclass 5

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Eat the right foods for balanced hormones (to promote fat burning, not fat storing!)
  • Boost metabolism by focusing on the kind of exercise that works (not wasting time on the the kind that doesn't)
  • Have more peace (and less belly fat) even when life is stressful.

Masterclass 6

Here's What You Will Learn in This Masterclass

  • Get fast Results on your Weight issues through sound healing
  • Get to your Perfect Body Fast with Source Frequencies
  • Use energy healing to help you quickly lose weight & Stop the "Clock" on Aging…

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